connect Friday night Lights

The Connect Friday Night Lights (FNL) exists “to fan the flames of devotion to the Lord and of service to the community” in our children and youth.  The specific programs, as detailed below, meet on Friday nights from 7:00-8:30 PM. For information on major activities, please, scroll to the bottom.

Tadpoles & Tree Climbers

Tadpoles provides ministry to boys and girls 4yrs through Kindergarten by assisting and encouraging parents to nurture their boys in Word and in the Lord.

Tree Climbers provides ministry for boys in 1-2nd grade. "Simple projects and games help fathers their boys build relationships in a fun, comfortable atmosphere. Relationship along with memorization and life application of God’s Word facilitates the discipleship of boys, creating a growth experience for both the boys and their fathers." (Christian Service Brigade).


Stockade  provides ministry to boys from 3-6th grade children are "discipled toward Christ and biblical manhood through a comprehensive process of life skills, physical and mental activities, fun, service, achievement, Bible memory, and stories" (Christian Service Brigade).


Battalion provides ministry to boys from 7-12th grade focusing on discipleship and mentoring provided by the men of the church. The mission is "to give a boy everything he needs to be a man of God. He’ll learn real world skills as well as spiritual ones that he can apply throughout is entire life" (Christian Service Brigade). 

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Squadron - A program designed for girls 7-12 grade. Its purpose is “TO challenge and ENCOURAGE each girl to study the Scriptures and engage in many different activities to help them DEVELOP skills, character, trust, confidence, compassion and leadership to ASSIST them IN their GROWTH to become maturing women of God.”

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Upcoming events

Provides information on upcoming events for the different unit ministries of FNL.

  • FNL : Shape-N-Race : Feb. 23, 2019

    Time for some old-style but never out-of-style fun as everyone of FNL shapes cars out of blocks of wood, mounts tires and races their creations down a decades old track! Who will win and take home the trophy this year? Come out, race and let's see!

  • Battalion Camporama : Apr. 5-7, 2019

    The young men of Battalion will go on an exciting camping adventure, putting their wilderness skills and love of bugs to the test. Plan on getting dirty and having dirt loads of fun. For more information, contact Greg Baker.

  • FNL End of year cookout : Apr. 26, 2019

    Adventure should never stop but FNL has to come to an end for the 2018-2019 year. Come out for one last blast of good food, good company and good fun.

  • squadron whitewater rafting : May 18, 2019

    FNL has ended, but Squadron keeps on marching along or at least rafting down some whitewater rapids! This event is open to all the youth at GNC but is especially for our ladies in Squadron. We are planning, weather permitting, to put on some floats, jump into a big raft and paddle down river thorough calm and rapid waters. Hope you plan on getting wet!

  • Squadron camping : August 2-4

    Now it's the ladies turn to embrace the wilderness and the dirt - along with the bugs. This event is open to all the youth of GNC but is especially for the ladies of Squadron who will learn to start camp fires, pitch tents and cook in the great outdoors. For more information, contact Pastor John O.