if you could ask god

one question

what would it be?



In a world of uncertainty, are you asking questions?

In a seven-week conversational study, Good News Explored examines the things for which all people universally long -- like goodness, generosity, fulfillment and joy.  Then we ask why finding these things is often so difficult and what might be done to address that difficulty. The environment is informal and relaxed. We begin each week with dinner for participants and their children. You don’t need to know anything about the Bible. You won't be asked to read aloud, sing or pray. And you can ask any question you want.


Week 1 - Purpose: Why am I here?
Week 2 - Identity: Who am I?
Week 3 - Problem: What's wrong?
Week 4 - Solution: How do we fix it?
Week 5 - Hope: What happens next?
Week 6 - Grace: Why is Christianity unique?
Week 7 - Objections: What about...?

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